My name is Rolando Roblero. I'm from San Francisco and write and perform stand up comedy about science. No one else seems to be doing it. I talk about deep consciousness subjects like how attached the self is to the West, how the universe breathes, and the amazing workings of our minds. I do not know what I am talking about, however, I can and absolutely love talking about these kinds of supreme subjects. I wish that you join me on this journey of amazement and wake up and look forward regardless of which direction.

Animals are the most incredible living things. All of them, trees, monkey's, and people. The life that bubbles and looks around.
I have a hard time thinking about this without getting queasy. If you'd just move you'd shake the fat off of your heart.

My name is Rolando Roblero and I've been performing stand up comedy for eight years. My comedy is about science and really conceptual thoughts like reality, the physical world, and time. I try to make it ridiculous but always intend for it to be serious because of the limited time we have to talk about whatever we "want".

I also write peer reviews where I review people that I've met in life and write a eulogy for them just in case I depart too soon. These are strictly for entertainment and are in no way true except for my precise opinions about the person.

I've been called weird, angry, high on drugs. If I had a nickel for every time some said the bullshit expression to me, "I want what he's on", I'd hire someone to kill the bastard. This website is a testimony to "my" life which is fed by the world, food, your hatred, your love, television, and the rest of it.

  •  Black Repertory Group Theater, Berkeley, CA
  •  The Laugh Factory, Los Angeles, CA
  •  The Comedy Store, Los Angeles, CA
  •  The Punchline, San Francisco, CA
  •  Caroline's Comedy Club, New York, NY
  •  Greenwich Comedy Club, New York, NY
  •  The Producers Club, New York, NY
  •  The Stand, New York, NY
  •  Broadway Comedy Club, New York, NY
  •  Stand Up NY, New York, NY
  •  Comic Strip Live!, New York, NY
  •  Old Man Hustle, Manhattan, NY
  •  The Pit, Manhattan, NY

One of the many earliest of my memories is of wooden walls in a small yard on a sunny day. I was three feet tall and three years old, and was looking for Easter eggs in California. I cannot recall the colors but I'm sure purple and pink were present. I remember a woman asking me, where is the egg? I had a thin wicker basket the size a large orange and inside two or three real painted chickens eggs. They were bright so they were mine. 


My dad was there and I remember him assuring me that I had done a good job. I was in the backyard of a kindergarten school which was on a left incline curve of a snaking street south of San Francisco. A wood chapel type roof and gigantic concrete lot for cars. This is my earliest memory. A sunny day. The boy who loves finding Easter eggs, and sunshine, and his dad, is now a man who has now felt incredible adult pain in the form of visual memories scarred onto my brain from the consumption of violence, gore, and life.

I still feel like a little boy. That life is vague, but it’s there, and I'm with it. The boy lives in my smile and is survived by my love. Anger and sadness has found itself a cavernous nook inside of my heart and I can’t nor intend to eradicate it. My lived self carries the six pound body that I once was, and my mind has graduated from being invisible to weighted by gravity while on a remarkable trek filled with understanding. 

I began studying science after witnessing a death I saw when I was a teen. It was gruesome, 

violent, pre-mediated, and sad. It is completely and permanently seared into my life as a memory that is as clear as the day it happened. Since then I couldn't simply understand something as being real because at the time everything was so unreal. Things became abnormal and I snapped from the steady comfort of which I was living. I embarked on an understanding quest that has never stopped.

It started with wondering where people go when they die, and morphed into seemingly random curiosities, the purpose of grassy front lawns, the depth of domestication, origins of organic life, the complexity of outer-space, of matter, and what's in-between. The pattern of humanness. These thoughts will coalesce into solid chunks of thought which will surprise me and I'll form into some kind of comedy act. I've studied philosophy and science both formally in school and through life, reading books by Steven Pinker, Oliver Sacks, and Andrew Solomon, and my intention if to translate what I've learned and understand into snippets of audio and writing of which will hopefully make partial if not complete sense.

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